Market Information Lead Ingots

Market Information Lead Ingots

 28 April 2023

Before the May Day holiday, stock preparation is coming to an end, and market activity is gradually decreasing, battery manufacturers have maintained a low buying market to replenish inventory, resulting in a weak trading atmosphere in the lead market. Terminal battery manufacturers in the lead market still face off-season consumption constraints.


16 February 2023

The price of lead fell, and the price of electrolytic lead fell steadily.The lead price is expected to be weak under the background of large increase in inventory. Some smelting enterprises and cargo holders are bullish on the future market, and their reluctance to sell increases.


04 November 2022

The market price of recycled lead has declined steadily this week.
The enthusiasm for receiving goods in the downstream is not good.Market participants are more bearish and cautious in receiving goods. It is expected that the lead price will operate weakly in the short term.


30 September 2022

This week, September 26, 2022, due to the US dollar interest rate hike and other reasons. The supply of regenerated lead and lead ingots is relatively tight, and some factories cannot produce at full capacity due to insufficient supply of raw materials. Next week is China's National Day holiday, and the market is unpredictable.

The highest breakthrough of USD against offshore RMB was 1:7.26. Today,September 30, 2022, it fell back to 1:7.11