Alucon Limited is a company that collaborates with highly qualified professional traders with extensive experience in the international aluminium alloy market. Company’s core business is buying and selling various aluminium alloys, such as DIN226, A-380, ADC-12, AK5M2 and any other category requested by the Market and our clients.

Alucon is situated in Cyprus, a member of the European Union, an ideal strategic location with sophisticated infrastructure and a modern, free-market. It is also one of the best Financial Centres in Europe.

Our partners can be found mainly in Japan, South Korea, India, Italy, Egypt, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia as shown on the interactive map in our website.

Our Vision is to establish long term partnerships with our key buyers and sellers, and to constantly look for new customers all around the world. Our partner analysts monitor prices in the international alloy market on a daily basis throughout the year in order to provide our clients with the most competitive prices.

Our clients and business partners are in our top priority list and that’s why we do whats necessary to keep them pleased by providing them with the effective service of high standards. 


Pricing is optimized due to control over sales market. Swift financial transactions operating with favourable banking terms.

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The goods come only from trusted manufacturers (the materials supplied by each manufacturer are checked by our partner specialists right at the factory).

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We are constantly working on finding new trading markets by analysing the latest metal market trends through collecting and studying the market data.

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