Market Information Aluminum

Market Information Aluminum

01 September 2023

The aluminum market price has strengthened this week. Buyers are afraid of high prices and mainly focus on purchasing on demand, resulting in poor overall trading volume. Aluminum ingots will operate strongly next week, and it is necessary to pay more attention to the popularity of market funds.


03 July 2023

Spot prices are relatively strong, with reduced speculative demand in the market, and downstream purchases are mainly for just needs, resulting in low market activity. Prices will lack transaction support next week and will remain stable.


19 May 2023

This week, the spot price of aluminum alloy ingots rebounded after a sharp decline, downstream purchases are still in demand, and overall transactions are still acceptable.Downstream aluminum die-casting enterprises will continue to maintain on-demand procurement, with weak orders but high production costs.


03 March 2023

At present, the demand is still in the recovery stage, the spot inventory continues to decrease, and there is strong support at the cost side. This week, the price of aluminum alloy ingot manufacturers was fine-tuned, and the market transaction atmosphere was general. From the market situation, with the recovery of downstream demand accelerated, the increase of terminal price inquiry, and the strong willingness of speculative demand to ship, next week's market price forecast is strong and stable.


09 December 2022

The control of epidemic prevention and control was liberalized. The production of some alloy plants has come to an end this month. It is expected that the futures market is weak as a whole, and the low-price supply of imported aluminum alloy ingots is still tight.


25 November 2022

The price of aluminum alloy ingot ADC12 is stable this week, with little fluctuation. At present, renewable aluminum alloy ingot enterprises basically maintain low inventory operation, and the contradiction between high cost and low demand continues to exist. Downstream aluminum die casting enterprises continue to maintain rigid demand procurement.


14 October 2022

The market demand is average, and most purchasers are in a wait-and-see attitude. This market situation is explained by two circumstances: on the one hand, after the China National Day and Golden Week 2022, the epidemic situation broke out in many places, and production was reduced in many places due to the impact of the epidemic; on the other hand, the south is about to enter a dry season, and the industrial power supply in the south will be reduced.


16 September 2022

Due to the shortage of power supply, some electrolytic aluminum plants are still forced to reduce production capacity or stop production for maintenance. Some aluminum companies reduced the total power consumption by 10% due to government request. Other factories in Ningbo were temporarily closed and were forced to stop production due to the typhoon "Meihua", which left Ningbo and Shanghai, but it still affected the coastal port city of Qingdao.


26 August 2022

The supply and demand of aluminum alloy ingot enterprises in South China are hit by both sides: the production cost is high and the demand expectation is low. In addition, the East China recycled aluminum market is seriously affected by the Jinchuan COVID-19 epidemic, the transportation of goods is blocked, and the capacity of some smelters has not been fully restored. The market shortage situation is intensified, and it is difficult for enterprises to replenish the stock, and the purchase of most enterprises generally decreases by about 1/3. The supply of South China and southwest markets is also tight, and manufacturers are looking for more raw material. In Central China, due to the transportation control of surrounding markets and other reasons, the transaction also fell.