Market Information Copper

Market Information Copper

25 July 2023

According to market feedback, some smelters in Jiangxi region are currently undergoing maintenance and production shutdowns, coupled with high raw material prices and hot weather, leading to a decline in operating rates for some smelters. Downstream enterprises have limited enthusiasm for asking prices, and transactions are mainly focused on buying at low prices and replenishing inventory, with few orders.


09 June 2023

Recently, significant fluctuations in copper prices have suppressed some consumption, with the main focus being on replenishing stocks on demand. The supply of electrolytic copper is tight, and there are few available goods in the market. Some terminal enterprises are still concerned about the decline in copper prices in the future and are cautious in purchasing.


07 April 2023

Due to the impact of the rainy season in China, the start time of some upstream merchants after the holiday has been delayed to varying degrees. Many downstream copper factories have reported that the rate of picking up finished products is relatively slow and most copper factories will still purchase according to demand. Copper prices fluctuate widely, making it difficult to control profit margins and limited trade willingness.


17 March 2023

Currently, the supply of electrolytic copper in the market is at a normal level. In terms of demand, the high volatility of copper prices inhibits downstream buying willingness, and overall market consumption is less than expected. It is expected that copper prices may continue to fluctuate in the short term.


10 February 2023

The electrolytic copper market has basically resumed production and the supply of electrolytic copper is at a normal level after the Spring Festival holiday. The demand for electrolytic copper rebounded this week, and the sentiment of sellers to stand up for the price appeared, and the transaction of electrolytic copper was improved compared with that of last week. In terms of demand, although the market consumption after the holiday is less than expected, it has improved compared with the previous week, and the amount of goods taken from the downstream has gradually increased.

13 January 2023

The trading atmosphere of the regeneration market is weak, and there are few transactions in the lead market this week. It is expected that the market transaction will be poor next week, and the demand will be low near the holiday, so it is difficult to improve the subsequent transaction.


11 November 2022

The price of electrolytic copper remained high this week, and the market transaction was cold. The market inventory decreased, the market quotation was small, and most traders did not have any cash in hand. In addition, copper prices continued to rise, and the lower reaches were more afraid of high prices. It is predicted that the current copper price will fluctuate at a high level, and the downstream supply will be tight with caution. The transaction in the future market should be greatly improved.

09 September 2022

China's electrolytic copper output was 199800 tons, with a month on month increase of 15000 tons. This week's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the market demand for goods has improved, and the weak operation of copper prices has stimulated the demand for replenishment of downstream stocks. Market turnover was good.