Latest Market Information

Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal prices have remained stable despite the poor market transactions.

The supply is still tense, especially for the grade of 553.

Most of the factories are expected to reproduce in the end of May or early June.

That makes the demand of Silicon Metal in high level and it is difficult for factories to make a concession.

The demand of downstream market is not active and buyers are more cautious to purchase now.



Driven by the sharp rise in the price of elctrolyric Aluminium, the price of ADC12 has been increased.

The industry Insiders said that the current automotive industry market demand for ADC12 has weakened and 

the price of ADC12 in China will be delcined in the next week.



Magnesium Ingot

Currently the price of magnesium ingot keep stable.

Producers will not seel the goods with low price and on the other side buyers are not willing to accept the current high prices.

The downstream customers prefer to keep watching the market.